• September 29, 2021

Watch: ‘This Is Us’ star, Caitlin FitzGerald, explains why she’s ‘worried’ about the new season of ‘This is Us’

A little girl with autism has revealed she is scared about the upcoming fifth season of “This is We” after seeing the trailer for season 5.

In a clip published by The Huffington Post on Monday, Caitlyn FitzGilder reveals that the trailer reveals a new character, who is referred to as ‘the new girl’ by the character.

“This is a character that has a new look.

It’s a character I have never seen before in my life,” Caitlyn says.”

I don’t think I’ll be able to go to the theatre until the end of this season because I’m so worried about this new character that I’m just so worried.”

Caitlyn’s daughter, Mimi, has autism.

“That’s really scary because I know that she has a great future,” Caitlin said.

“She’s just a beautiful girl and I know she’s got an amazing future.

I just want to be able be with her.”

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Read moreThe new character is referred by the title ‘The new girl’, and the trailer also includes a new scene in which Caitlyn’s character is seen playing with a toy.

“You know, she’s just so cute and so soft, so soft,” Caitly said.’

She’s so smart’The trailer for “This Is We” season 5 was released on Monday morning and features the same character, dressed in her new outfit.

“It’s really cool to see Caitlyn play with her toys,” Caitlynn said.”[She’s] just so smart.”

“She has a really interesting way of speaking and it’s really interesting for me to watch this because I always thought she would be a teacher, I always assumed she would play a teacher,” Caiti said.

The new “This-is-Us” character will appear in a number of episodes.

“There’s going to be a lot of great things to come in the show and hopefully I can be part of that,” Caitie said.

Watch the trailer below:

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