• September 11, 2021

How the Real Madrid-Manchester United rivalry has changed over the years

Manchester United and Real Madrid have met six times since 2007, and this year’s Champions League final is the first time they will meet in the same stadium.

But while the rivalry between the sides is not the greatest in the world, it’s one that has endured for many years.

This season, Manchester United were beaten by Real Madrid 1-0 on aggregate at Old Trafford on Sunday, while the Real squad were defeated 1-1 by Barcelona in the Copa del Rey final in January.

Despite this, the rivalry has grown to be so intense that even the Spanish press have labelled the rivalry as the most important in world football.

And it has grown in intensity, too, with Manchester United’s recent record-breaking run of five consecutive league titles, a European Cup and the Champions League title all having come against Real Madrid.

“The rivalry is the greatest thing that has ever happened in world sport,” Mourinho said.

“If I can be honest, this is the most exciting rivalry that has happened in the history of football.”

Every game you watch the two teams play, and the intensity and the atmosphere of the rivalry is unbelievable.

“When we play Manchester United we don’t lose because we are tired, because we have a goal and a chance.

We are very happy when we are winning because we know that the team is ready for the game and we know what we have to do.”

Real Madrid and Manchester United are rivals because they have been rivals for a long time, so they have an amazing rivalry.

“This rivalry was on display in the last few years, too.

Real Madrid’s recent run of titles has seen them beat Manchester United three times in the past four seasons.

The first time Mourinho played Madrid, it was at the Bernabeu in 2006, and it was the first European final of his career.”

I remember thinking, I am very nervous. “

I had never played in Europe, but I was nervous.

I remember thinking, I am very nervous.

But the team was good and I was happy to play.

I had my hat-trick and I scored the winner.

That’s when I started to feel that I was in a good place.”

I have played at all three European finals, and I feel very happy about it.

I don’t think I have played as well as I want to, because I have been in a few problems.

But I was very happy.

“And now, after three seasons of dominance, the two sides will meet for the first Champions League game in Manchester on Tuesday, when they are scheduled to face each other in the final.”

It will be very important for the players, because they will get the opportunity to show how good they are.””

It will be a very important game for the fans.

It will be very important for the players, because they will get the opportunity to show how good they are.”

What I want is to make sure the fans see the great game that will be played.

“Follow all the latest football news at the BBC Sport website.

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