• August 15, 2021

‘They want to destroy America’: GOP Rep. Mark Meadows speaks out against ‘radical Islamic terrorism’

The House Freedom Caucus is demanding that the White House immediately stop issuing press credentials to members of Congress.

The demand came during a press conference held Tuesday on Capitol Hill in which House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R, CA) defended the administration’s refusal to provide press credentials for a handful of lawmakers.

The Freedom Caucus’ latest demand comes just hours after a senior Republican lawmaker, Rep. Joe Barton (R., TX), tweeted that “there are no safe zones in Syria” in response to the president’s claim that there are.

“We have no safe zone in Syria,” Barton tweeted.

“We’re sending arms to the opposition.

And I have seen the footage.

It’s not safe.

The regime is killing civilians.

We need to get to the bottom of it.

The president has not explained why he has not provided safe zones for the Syrian people.”

A senior White House official told Politico that the administration had no plans to allow members of the House Freedom caucus to attend press briefings, which are normally conducted by the White Houses staff.

“The White House is not going to allow press briefings for any of our members,” the official said.

“The president has said that they want to overthrow America.

We have no idea how they would like to overthrow our country, our Constitution, and our rule of law.”

A Freedom Caucus spokesperson later clarified that the caucus is not interested in attending briefings and would instead prefer to talk to members in the press room, which is located adjacent to the Oval Office.

But, he added, the press is not allowed inside the White’s Residence.

“It’s really a shame, because there are members in there,” Barton told reporters on Tuesday.

“If you ask me, I’d like to ask them to leave.

I’ve been a member of the Freedom Caucus for over 15 years and I’ve never seen anything like this.

They’re not being given any press credentials.”

Rep. Barton, who chairs the House Republican Conference, said he has seen the video and believes it’s not a safe zone, but that the president has been wrong about Syria.

“He has no idea why he’s not getting our message out, so we need to figure out a way to get our message to our members so that they understand that it’s the President who has made it clear that he does not want to see American military forces in Syria.”

Meadows told reporters that he has “seen the footage,” but that he still wants to see the White to provide security for the members of his caucus.

“I’ve seen the clip.

It looks to me like a very dangerous place, and we need a commander-in-chief who understands that,” Meadows said.

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