• August 12, 2021

What is the most ridiculous, ridiculous, and most stupid thing you’ve ever heard?

The most ridiculous thing you have heard is a Pakistani cricket player making a joke about his liver being damaged by the game of cricket.

The joke is so bizarre and stupid that I think I would have to laugh at it.

The Pakistani cricket team is currently in the process of being stripped of the title of world’s best team.

This season has been a big disappointment for the team as it has been plagued by a lack of results, a poor showing in the Champions Trophy, and the addition of a new captain who has failed to lead the team to success.

However, on Sunday, Pakistan captain Anwar Ali, who is a former captain of the Pakistan Women’s Cricket team, made a joke during the match against England.

The Pakistani captain was asked to comment on the Pakistan cricket team being stripped away from the title and said, “The last time I checked the Pakistani women’s team was a World Cup team.”

He then went on to talk about how his wife and children were having difficulty with the team and how they were “all suffering.”

I have to admit, I was shocked and offended.

The Pakistan Women were not even invited to the Champions League Final.

I have never seen a Pakistani team lose a match in the World Cup, let alone the Champions.

I thought that would have been embarrassing and disappointing, but not the kind of thing that would cause the Pakistani cricket captain to make a joke in the middle of a game.

It is amazing how far cricket has come in this country since this incident.

If the Pakistani team was stripped away, the Pakistan women would have never been able to join the World Champions Trophy.

I feel very sorry for Anwar, but he was not alone.

The entire Pakistani team has been subjected to mockery, ridicule, and derision.

Pakistan’s Cricket Board has been in touch with their supporters to express their regret for the joke and to express how much they appreciate the support they are receiving.

The comments made by Anwar have been deleted, but the story is still making the rounds on social media.

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