• July 15, 2021

When the rain comes, the storm turns to the snow

By MARK REYNOLDS, AP Storms from the Rockies to the Pacific Northwest have made their mark on snow.

And while some are enjoying the fall weather, others are not.

Snow on the ground is a big part of life in most of the West.

But it’s not the only snowfall.

Here are some of the more surprising things we’ve seen in recent weeks: 1.

The snow on a plane is the same amount of snow on your roof, according to some.

The Weather Channel said the average amount of white snow on the roof of a Boeing 737 was about 2.5 inches, or 1.7 inches.

That’s almost double the 1.4 inches measured on the deck of a plane.

A Boeing spokesman said the company has not received any complaints about the snowfall on planes.


There’s a lot of snow at your house, too.

According to ABC News, the amount of rain falling in a single day on a typical summer day in the U.S. is about 11.3 inches.

The average amount is 10.5.


The sky is the limit for snowfall in Seattle.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport recorded 3.5 feet of snow in a few hours Wednesday, according a weather service.

Snow fell for about an hour at the airport Wednesday.


A plane in Minnesota has snowed on a runway.

In June, a plane took off in Minneapolis after a pilot made an emergency landing.


The skies are getting snowier, too, as the winter storm that brought a record storm surge to parts of the Midwest is ending.

We have no doubt that we will see snow fall on the East Coast in the coming days and weeks.

7. “

As we head into the fall season, the snow is going to become a lot more plentiful,” Schulz said.


A man was stuck on the floor of a car on Interstate 95 in Michigan.

It happened just after noon Thursday in the area of I-75 and US-70 in Pontiac, Mich.

Officials say the man, a man in his 40s, got out of his car and climbed onto the roof.

He was able to pull himself up and was unhurt.

He said he had to pull out the car’s hood to get his footing.

He is being treated for hypothermia.


The coldest weather in decades is starting to come to a stop in Minnesota.


Snow is falling in some areas of New York City.


The first snowfall of the season is still coming.

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